Speed increases from 10Mbps ... when??

Hi Vividwireless.

Firstly let me say how happy I have been with Vividwireless since joining about 18months ago. Barely any outages and a very very consistent 10Mbps over that time.

Here's the issue though, 10Mbps was BARELY fast enough 18 months ago, but today it is barely coping with the basics of web browsing and kids being active on their computers.

The simple reality is, 10Mbps doesn't cut it anymore. If I am trying to work, if my wife is watching netflix, and my kids are on webgames or youtube ... my work stops and I can't get any more throughput.

I'm not too fussed about the unlimited data. More than happy to have a 250GB limit or something like that to prevent people abusing it - its throughput/speed I need.

So here's my suggestion to reconfigure your products.

1) AS IS ... 10Mbps unlimited @ $89pcm
2) BUDGET ... 10Mbps for 100GB for $49pcm
3) PREMIUM ... unthrottled LTE up to 250GB for $120pcm
4) ULTRA PREMIUM ... unthrottled LTE up to 500GB for $150pcm

In my case, I would upgrade immediately to 3 or 4 (I would get approx. 55Mbps on my connection to my tower), the impact I would have on your network would be minimal since my usage patterns won't change, but you get almost double the income/profit. To add to that, you can offset the lower users with the Budget pack and that would be highly profitable for you.

You're missing a trick in terms of only offering one option, this would fix that and allow you to expand.

I'm sure you are also limited commercially by Optus and the wholesale agreement you have - but that shouldn't stop you trying to get a better deal.

Please please please, do something about this.

Kind Regards



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

It is possible to get 12/1 speeds but with usage quotas via Optus wireless broadband, but they don't offer unrestricted speeds either. I presume that this is dues to a mix of expected usage and available bandwidth (i.e. spectrum).

You can get unlimited speed if you tether a phone, but then the quotas are very low, for the same reason: available spectrum / bandwidth.

Finite resources require constraints such as bandwidth, quota and pricing. I don't see any way around that at present, unless NBN comes along to take some of the traffic off the wireless networks.

One option you might not have considered: maybe you could buy a 2nd vividwireless modem/service and pair them with a load-balancing router? That would give you Unlimited data and 20Mbps, however the cost is doubled and the setup is a bit technical (plus cost of router, etc).


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

What's the 4) ultra premium option? I haven't seen a 500GB LTE Unthrottled plan anywhere?


OBM wrote 42 weeks ago

would be interested to see if there could be a higher bandwidth option... currently tethered to my phone or my Telstra puck I can get over double the bandwidth that Vivid makes available, so I assume it's deliberate throttling to keep the network moving smoothly (so no complaints there!)

but ... would be nice if/when there is capability on the network to see it deliver a better experience but with the understanding that if congestion hits then throttling will kick in across the board...


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 42 weeks ago

It is a price/performance mix that is targeted at a specific market segment I think. 12/1 with an Unlimited option suits certain people. Plus bandwidth (spectrum availability) for LTE is a finite resource.

Perhaps this might change as more and more people move to NBN cabled connections and stop using vividwireless?

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