Trial TD-LTE in Australia

In todays paper there is an articel on the Trial TD-LTE in Australia see

Do you need people to trial this in Sydney, if so count me in!!



Dingus Fett (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

When they release it, I wonder what will happen with everyone who have WiMAX modems since these will no longer work?

Wonder as well if they'll get anywhere near the 100Mbps Martin's claimed, or if that's like the claim that ADSL2+ can do 24Mbps (if you are sitting the exchange plugged straight into the DSLAM :P)


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

I expect they would run both networks (WiMAX and TD-LTE) simultaneously for a while. Maybe modems would be available free with a contract. So the changeover cost is likely to be relatively low for most people. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

One thing I haven't seen discussed much anywhere is this: lets say that all of a sudden everyone in Australia is able to get 100Mbps connections to their ISP ... how the heck is our international bandwidth supposed to deliver that ... that's a couple of million connections x 100Mbps ... even allowing for 100:1 contention ratio (?!) that's 2,000,000Mbps = 2,000Gbps = 2Tbps ... that's a lot of bandwidth.

BTW, the ADSL2+ at my work gets between 20-21Mbps and performs very well indeed, but its probably because we're in a former Telstra office building ... =8^) ... I've thought about putting up a fibre link (we have dark fibre in the building) but the ADSL2+ runs so well there just isn't any need. We have about 100 staff on site and it runs just fine.

Sorta makes me wonder about the business case for the NBN ...


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Did anyone see this article?

Sounds good except I see absolutely no comments about their Perth intentions, would be nice if they could confirm that we won't get left behind in the rush to the East?


faceonahead (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

sounds brilliant, i imagine the rollout in the east is due to the need to secure large qty of domestic/SME users to raise funds to payback inital capital investment clearly highlighted as the dealying factor in the article, once complete roll out to others states I imagine would instantly follow

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