Vividwireless is a rip off if you are not the only one using it.

I live in a household of 4 people. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the internet when more than 1 person is using the internet at once.

Even when you are the only one using it, its incredibly slow speeds simply do not cut it.

And I have no clue why the hell vividwireless modems don't have QOS settings as it is the only way to have a stable connection to the internet in this country.

The worst part is, we dropped an overpriced adsl 2+ connection with telstra for this service. Although it is cheaper, it is still equally terrible. I recently tried to get an ADSL 2+ connection with DODO but all the adsl2+ ports at my local hub are taken up and they wont make new ones because of the NBN 'rollout'.

This is incredibly ranty, but you guys need to listen as the current state of your product is simply unacceptable.

-10 mbps download and ABOMINABLE upload speeds is scraping the bottom of the barrel for a 4G connection, and you damn well know it.

-QOS is a 100% necessary feature on any modem.

Literally fix these two issues and there would be 0 problems with your service.

Doesn't matter though, you wont listen and you wont change anything because internet suppliers hate good ideas. The second NBN is available at my home I am leaving this terrible service.

As a final note, my average ping over the last week has been in between 1000 and 20000. Terrible.

Fix this crap.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Firstly, you're entitled to rant and rave, but before you do, have you seeked out assistance before this to what the problem might be or how to fix the problem with your connection.

With regards to speeds, nothing was hidden with regards to the maximum speeds achieved on the Vividwireless LTE Network when you purchased the LTE modem. If you look at Optus and Telstra's wireless internet speeds you will find that they have similar speeds for a more expensive price.

Wireless speeds are restrained by how much bandwidth the ISP has to work within.

See your other posts for some information asked.


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