Speed Throttling

When trying to download from my server overseas via HTTP, my speed starts around 200KB/s then drops to 17KB/s within seconds. I have tried downloading early morning and it's the same.

My internet connection varies between 4-7Mbps. I get roughly the same speeds as work and download from the same server at 700-800KB/s.

I also try to stream from my server at home and it's incredibly slow but fine at work (with roughly the same speeds)

Is there anything I can try to fix this? I have tried FTP and that's the same.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

Most download-type traffic (various file downloads, as well as torrents, etc) are treated as Best Efforts by the network management system. That means you and everyone else running a file download share "what's left" after higher priority traffic (such as email, regular web browsing, etc).

I don't know whether switching to HTTPS would make a difference or not. Some have posted in the past here to recommend a VPN service for this sort of issue.

What sort of file(s)? How large?


Divitini wrote 2 years ago

Mostly drone/wedding video files. I've just started using a VPN based in singapore and the speed now varies between 20-200KB/s. (Frequently changing)
This morning I was able to reach 500KB/s which is much better than 17KB/s.
I will probably limit my download manager to download during off-peak hours.


davidryan wrote 1 year ago

Downloading speed varies due to different locations, It could be managed by VPN services, I use https://fastestvpn.com/ for torrenting and browsing, it never slows down internet speed.

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