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Hi all,
That which has long been hoped for has finally been launched.
For more information about vividwireless' new LTE modem, please see their website (www.vividwireless.com.au).
More information will no doubt be forthcoming over the next few weeks and months.



SumDude wrote 3 years ago

Vividwireless is currently offline and is displaying a blank page when loading the homepage. Must be because of the high network traffic...
I will keep refreshing the page!

I hope this really fixes the vividwireless network in the area for me.

Update: I have been all over the vividwireless website and now I have access to all the sites. I'm left speechless. vividwireless LTE... SIM Cards... Huawei...
I guess it's understandable why vividwireless has gone in this direction. Will contact them soon to discuss signing me up to this service... Only problem is, I'm not in the 'coverage area'.
By the way Frosty, is there even a coverage 'map'?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

It looks, at first glance, as though the coverage is now a binary thing: either you are IN or you are OUT, without a map to inform you as to what degree you might be In or Out of coverage.

So one might need to follow up with a call to vividwireless, to see if that information can be obtained.

A word about the SIM cards: they are pre-installed in the modems, so it really is a case of unpack the modem, plug it in, and connect. It took me less than 5 mins to get connected when I received my test unit a few weeks ago.

Now some speculation on my part: as some people switch over from the old WiMAX to the new LTE service, this should slowly start to take some pressure off the old network ... so this should be good for everyone.


sgrant3 wrote 3 years ago

Quick Query Frosty,
the website states up to 10mbps did you have much variation on this speed or was it fairly constant?


SumDude wrote 3 years ago

Well, basically no one else was on the vividwireless LTE network during your testing period, right Frosty?

and guess what?!
I am now in coverage! vividwireless must be still adding addresses to their coverage checker tool.
I just couldn't believe when i saw this message:

Awesome! You are in Coverage
You can Get Started now OR Learn More about Vividwireless.

(I refreshed the page 3 times to make sure it was for my address :P)


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

sgrant3 -- yes, 10Mbps constantly for Download ... but as SumDude correctly notes, I would have been the only vividwireless LTE user connected to my segment, as I had a test modem and am in a distant suburb on the edge of Melbourne (Lilydale).

SumDude -- good to see you are now in coverage; it is possible that they are still adding locations, but I would probably lean towards a change of the calculation algorithm as being the explanation. I know that originally, with my test unit, they told me that my home was "just within coverage" and my work was "just outside coverage" ... but now both show as "in coverage". So I have noticed something similar to you.


SumDude wrote 3 years ago

Frosty I have found out that Optus have proposed multiple towers to receive the 2.3GHz LTE update in my area as of 2015. Maybe they were activated a few days ago?
Also the Optus Home Wireless Broadband service is now available at my address as it was not available last month. This also uses the same spectrum/frequency as the new vividwireless home gateway.
(I contacted vividwireless yesterday and I asked if the vividwireless LTE network was the Optus 2.3GHz network, the representative replied, 'Correct, we use the Optus 2.3GHz Spectrum for the new service'.)


I'm just waiting for one of my local retail stores to start selling the new modem. The sales department at The Good Guys said they received shipments yesterday and will hopefully go on sale today. I would purchase it online from vividwireless, but if it doesn't work it's much easier to take it back in store.

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