B315 firmware

With the impending phase-out of Vivid Wireless, is there any chance the team there could unlock the firmware on the modem so it's not a permanently crippled device?

I would love to be able to flash this modem with stock firmware on it after Vivid closes.

Please give us this as a goodbye gift after all these years of support! :)



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 20 weeks ago

I have made inquiries with my contacts at Vividwireless.

There are no plans to unlock the firmware on the modem.

The latest Optus wireless and mobile broadband plan sims will work in the modem.

No assurance can be given that any other provider’s sims will be able to use the modem.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 19 weeks ago

I should also add here, that even if this doesn't happen whilst vividwireless remain in operation, you could also take this up with Optus support after the transition, as I assume that they'll take responsibility for the firmware at that time.


unco77 wrote 19 weeks ago

Thanks to you both for the quick responses.

I hope that once the transition is complete support from Optus won't thin out. Hopefully they will open up the firmware if their replacement service is capable of accessing all bands (as their new Wireless Broadband plans are not restricted).

Anyway, I know it was a long shot but thanks again for the responses.


Franky wrote 17 weeks ago

Just wondering how many customers like myself will require this modem to be unlocked given the service is no longer being provided esp. as we didn't discover this until well after purchase of the service!

I feel there needs to be a group request to Vivid Wireless to either unlock the modem or provide a refund

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