B315s 607- Wifi Key is wrong


I just bought a new B315s 607. I turn on the device and the wifi signal is on, then I am trying to connect the website for the first time. However, when I enter the password from the bottom of the modem and try to connect wirelessly, I receive the error "Password is wrong".

I am sure I have enter the right SSID and the Wifi key. Reseting isn't work, too.

Please help me. Thank you.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 10 weeks ago

Are you an Existing or New customer to Vividwireless?

When you say you bought a new B315s 607, when and where did you buy it?

The following information will basically explain why you are having trouble connecting.

Vividwireless will be closed down as of 31/3/19. Existing customers were notified in early December '18 and again a reminder in January 2019. Existing customers have the option to migrate across to the Parent Company Optus and retain their existing plan and price or to find another ISP. That decision must be made before the 22nd February 2019.

To my knowledge, Vividwireless has not taken on any new customers since the first notification in early December 2018. Vividwireless also ceased selling modems from their online store and retailers were advised to stop selling the modems and remove from shelves.

The following has been copied from Vividwireless Home Page - New Customers:

"Important Information about the Vividwireless internet service

We’re sorry, unfortunately the Vividwireless modem and home wireless broadband service is no longer available for sale.
What's happening?

We are making some important changes and will no longer be selling Vividwireless services from 3 December 2018.

In 2012 Optus purchased the Vividwireless business and in recent years the Vividwireless internet service has been delivered through the Optus 4G Plus network.

Optus has decided to house all wireless broadband plans under the Optus brand, and as a result Optus has decided to close the Vividwireless business. Vividwireless will cease to provide services from April 2019.

Existing Vividwireless customers will receive notifications about the closure of Vividwireless with details around their options."


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 10 weeks ago

I agree with Ozzcaddy's analysis; if you are not currently a vividwireless customer and are trying to set up a new account, then I think you're out of luck.

Ozz's first couple of questions are critical:

> Are you an Existing or New customer to Vividwireless?

> When you say you bought a new B315s 607, when and where did you buy it?

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