bad download speeds / disconnection online gaming

Seen few mentions on SINR quality with much same problem as myself - was ok not great for first few months.. but past 2~3 months dropped to average of 500kbs with frequent online game disconnections (eg elite dangerous)
Signal quality stays in poor range.
could this be the issue?
would a external antenna help?
modem in same place as always next window- no new towers down for this length time anyways (5042). have tried few different places.

CELL_ID: 41995538
RSRP: -105dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -16dB (Moderate)
RSSI: -69dBm
SINR: -9dB (Poor)




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 35 weeks ago

Using the Postcode 5042 on the Optus Network Status map, it shows
4 towers (Red) that have a problem around the area. This would cause customers to be pushed from those towers onto other towers that can cause congestion which affects speed, connection and other problems.

You can check these towers using the link below. Click on the Outage Tab and insert Suburb/Postcode. Click on the tower icon for more information.

Before going down the external aerial road, I would wait until the towers are fully operational and see if the issues continue.

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