can i clean up my signel ??

(and id guess Frosty may be the first to answer :p )
well ive finally had enough of my vivid internet constantly getting such slow speeds 300Kbps and having trouble watching anything like Netflix

I cant get NBN in my Perth local area of Huntingdale till mid 2020 now as they have yet again delayed it , nor can I get adsl or adsl2 from my local exchange as there arnt any available ports and never has been as ive tried over the years so wireless I have to stay and the only options here are Telstra or Optus/Vivid wireless

so I gave up and got my self an antenna for the Vivid unit and it had improved the signal a lot
so ive come to ask is can I do any thing to clean the signal anymore ?

my current stats are
RSRP -101dBm
RSRQ -12dB
RSSI -69dBm

any suggestions or help would be appreciated



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 28 weeks ago

I'll let Frosty answer your question about the antenna and signal.

In the meantime, if you haven't already checked, the Optus Network Status map shows at least 7 towers surrounding your area to the North, West and South, that are currently having maintenance done to them with a completion dates between 9/10 to 11/10. The work began approx. 26/9. This work is performed by Optus.

Having that many towers having work done at the same time, the main cause I would expect would be congestion which causes slow speeds. Those customers who are effected by this work are moved to the next best tower, which could be the tower that you would normally connect to. The antenna is probably allowing you to connect to other towers further afield that your modem would not be able to.

You can check and follow the work by clicking on this link:

Click on the Outage Tab and insert Suburb/Postcode. You can click on the Orange icons for more information.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 28 weeks ago

Not much I can add about "cleaning up the signal", other than I would recommend focusing your attention on the signal Quality measurements and not on the signal Strength. Have a read here:

So get the best measurement for SINR to get the best Quality of signal.

The other comment worth making, even though it may be obvious, is that there will be a LOT of people like you in your area, unable to get NBN, unable to get ADSL/ADSL2, and therefore relying on wireless 4G signals from the mobile infrastructure. That puts a lot of stress on the wireless infrastructure in that location. There's only a certain amount of bandwidth available; it is a finite and quite limited resource.


Wodahs wrote 28 weeks ago

thanks for the replys

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