Can we block an IP address from the router?

I want to do this to speed up playstation store downloads

Can we do that with our router that we use for Vividwireless? If so how do we do it?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 28 weeks ago

Hi Scott,

I've not tried this myself, so I don't really know whether it will work or not ... but ... I think the answer to your question is probably a Yes. Here's what I would suggest you try:

* login to the modem web interface (usually on with the admin user ID and admin password (admin/admin)

* go to Settings menu

* go to Security, Firewall Settings
-- tick Enable Firewall (if not already ticked)
-- tick Enable IP Address filter box
-- Apply

* go to Security, LAN IP Filter
-- Filtering Mode = Blacklist (this is the default)
-- click Add
---- LAN IP Address = IP of your Playstation (you should set it with a fixed IP in the Playstation settings somewhere)
---- LAN Port = 1-65535 (this means all ports)
---- WAN IP Address =
---- WAN Port = 1-65535
---- Protocol = TCP/UDP
---- Status = ON

then click OK and Apply.

Now the bit I'm most unsure about is whether just entering is sufficient to block the entire /24 range of addresses. If it doesn't, then you're going to have to add a number of rules for the particular IP Addresses of the servers you are targeting, rather than traying to block the entire subnet.

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