everything seems fine with the modem - says I'm getting 8-9Gbps, and says ping time is <20ms but .... trying to connect to Destiny and every time it fails and tells me the internet's not good enough :(

not had problems getting other things to play, so hopefully someone has some smart advice...!



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 48 weeks ago

That would be Mbps, not Gbps, but yes, if you are getting 8Mbps+ and also <20ms latency, your connection seems pretty good.

Can you be more specific about Destiny? Is it this game:

Can you give the exact error message?

Can you advise what troubleshooting you have already tried? e.g. have you contacted Destiny support and, if you have, what have they said to you so far?


OBM wrote 48 weeks ago

ha ha, yes, Mbps not Gbps. I wish ;)

yes, Destiny2. specific error is "weasel" -

looks like today it's happy (last couple of days wouldn't get past the login screen)


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 48 weeks ago

I guess it is going to be one of those intermittent things, bandwidth related errors. I doubt that there is anything much that could be done to "fix it" when it isn't working, as it will be related to your particular connection and how it is interacting when there is heavier load on the network. You might want to keep an eye out just in case it is also weather-dependent.


OBM wrote 48 weeks ago

gotta say, weather dependent seems more related to "it's crappy weather so everyone stays i watching Netflix" than rain interfering with the signal ;)

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