Have inbound requests been blocked?

So I host a number of web applications on my LAN that I like to be able to access from remote locations via inbound requests to my IP address (provisioned to me by VividWireless).

However, 2 days ago - it just stopped working. I have toggled the "respond to ping" setting on my router on and off, but irregardless of its state, I still get replies to my pings.

I have also set up port forwarding on the VividWireless modem for 80 and 443 - these being pointed at a downstream router which in turn has 80 and 443 open, routing incoming requests to another box to handle them.

I've double checked all port forwarding and it still looks to be configured correctly. However when I try to hit the IP address from a remote location it times out and cannot detect an HTTP server. Further - a port scan reveals that no ports are open.

Firewall is configured correctly on the box that has the HTTP server running on it, as are all other parameters. This is evident in that I can access the box from within my LAN - simply not from outside it.

Has VividWireless begun to block inbound requests to the dynamic IP addresses that are provisioned for VividWireless account holders?

Its the only thing I can think of.




Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

Hi Darren,

I have not been advised of any changes, however it does sounds plausible that they might be getting ready for the switch over to Optus' network. i.e. going from public IPs to private IPs.

If you can drop me an email with some detailed info about the IPs that are involved, I can also do some testing for you, plus I can contact vividwireless and ask them what's changed.

My email address = stephen.frost at frostbyte.com.au

I will send you an email now, to the address in your forums profile.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

Got your email reply with a confirmation that all was well and that you had things working again. Good to know that it wasn't a system change at the vividwireless end of things.

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