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Hi, I have been a Vivid Wireless user for about four months and very happy compared to ADSL. according to my modem I consistenly connect to a tower with Cell ID 35846930. I would like to know the towers location. All the maps I have looked at show many towers around me but none with that Cell ID. No reason for wanting to know jus curiosity. Can anybody help please?



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 36 weeks ago

Alan, what Suburb & Postcode are you in?

Cell ID number is for Vividwireless use only, as the towers used that antennas are installed on belong to Optus.


Alan wrote 36 weeks ago

Oh, OK, i understand. Postcode is 2158 (NOT Middle Dural). Thanks.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 36 weeks ago

There is a tower on Galston Rd near San Remo Place. Another near intersection of Old Northern Rd and Kenthurst Rd.

This information was obtained from the Optus Network Status map. Click on the link:

Click on the Outage Tab and insert your Suburb or Postcode. Zoom in and out to see other towers further away from Dural.

If the tower icon is not Green, but Red, that means there is a problem. If the tower icon is Amber, that means there is work being done or to be done on that tower. You can click on the icon to display further information that might be helpful.

All work on the towers is performed by Optus, whether the problem is with Vividwireless or Optus.

Hope you find this helpful for future reference.


Alan wrote 36 weeks ago

Thank you. Yes I have done all that even before deciding to join Vivid Wireless. So, what you are telling me is that there is no way of telling what tower my Vivid Wireless signal is coming from?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 36 weeks ago

You would need to talk to Tech Support as they can look at your connection.

1300 327 837

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 9am-10pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from 9am-9pm.


Alan wrote 33 weeks ago

I am still trying to understand how the Vivid Wireless network works and where my Vivid Wireless radio signal comes from. From the moderators, and others, on this forum I have learnt that the Vivid Wireless signal is not tansmitted from the same Optus antennas used for the 4G mobile phone service but seperate dedicated Vivid Wireless antenna on the Optus tower. So when the moderators on this forum try to assist customers by telling them about nearby outages of Optus towers are they suggesting every Optus tower is equiped with the seperate dedicated Vivid Wireless antennas? I am suggesting that not every and only some Optus towers have the Vivid Wireless antennas/trannsceivers. Would I be wrong?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 33 weeks ago

Your question: "So when the moderators on this forum try to assist customers by telling them about nearby outages of Optus towers are they suggesting every Optus tower is equiped with the seperate dedicated Vivid Wireless antennas?"

Alan, to answer your question with the correct information you will need to speak with Vividwireless Support, as I suggested in Post #5.

Did you speak with Vividwireless Support, and if so, what did they tell you?

The Forum is provided by Vividwireless, but is not administered or run by Vividwireless. Stephen 'Frosty' Frost is contracted to Administer and Moderate the forum. He is not an employee of Vividwireless. Myself, I'm a customer of Vividwireless like yourself, and I assist Frosty with the forum. I have been assisting Frosty as a moderator for over 10 years, even when it was known as Unwired.

We try to resolve customer issues without the need to go to Tech Support. But there are times when it is necessary to refer a customer to Tech Support as we are unable to provide an answer or solution. We don't have access to Vividwireless, whether it be to do with the network, customer accounts, plans or personal information.


Alan wrote 33 weeks ago

I spoke to Vividwireless support and they would not tell me the location of the cell ID I quoted. I have moved on now and simpky want to know, or find it hard to believe that every Optus 4G tower in Australia is equiped with the Vividwireless antenna. The cost/infrustructure would be enormous for such a small customer base. So when moderators are advising forum members about outages of certain towers are all these towers realky equiped with Vividwireless antenna?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 33 weeks ago

Vividwireless antennas only exist where Vividwireless network covers. Vividwireless does not have the same coverage as Optus. Vividwireless network exists in capital cities and surrounding metropolitan areas.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 33 weeks ago

My understanding is that for vividwireless LTE coverage, Optus now provide all the base mobile network gear (towers, backhaul). Because of the particular spectrum that the vividwireless modems use for the Unlimited plan (2.3GHz / 2300MHz), this coverage is only possible within the major cities, as that spectrum is used by other companies in country/regional areas.

When Ozzcaddy publishes the outage notices, you'll notice that some are designated with a -O (Optus) and others with a -V (vividwireless). When someone experiences issues with their signal/coverage/performance, the first place we look is usually the Optus network outages, simply because that is an essential pre-requisite for the vividwireless systems to work. If an Optus tower is "down for maintenance" this will always affect the vividwireless customers in that area to some degree.

There are plenty of places where Optus provide coverage or one type or another, but vividwireless don't. e.g. all of Tasmania, major regional cities.

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