High Signal - Low Speed - Happened yesterday


I have been using Vivid Wireless since 2016 and nothing wrong with the speed, connection, etc up until yesterday, where the download speed drop significantly.

2 days ago was just fine, perfect connection, the next day when I woke up and turned on my computer, sudden drop arrived. Even playing games.

I have no issues at all since 2016 with 3 or more devices connected to the Wi Fi, no buffering, all smooth.

I am not sure what happened, I did not change any sort of settings from either the Wi Fi or my computer.

Below are my device status:

Device status
IMSI : 505025505153290
ICCID: 8961025515448723117
IMEI: 866854020401587
WAN IP Address:
CELL_ID: 37853210
RSRP: -96dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -15dB (Good)
RSSI: -63dBm
SINR: -6dB (Poor)

Please help.

Thank you in advance.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 44 weeks ago

What is your Suburb/Postcode?


Stallfar wrote 44 weeks ago

Melbourne CBD, 3000

Normally I would have 500kbps - 1.2mbps download speed. Now I only get as low as 30kbps. Only 1 device connected, without opening any browser.

Sometimes, for some reason, the internet went off by itself.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 44 weeks ago

Looking at the Optus Network Status map, there is a lot of towers within Melbourne CBD having worked being done or to be done, and I think that is causing the problems you are experiencing.

When this happens you are moved to another tower which could be congested by other users that have also been moved to the same tower. Its a cascading effect.

You can check the Status Map and be more accurate to your location. By clicking on the tower icon it will display more information. Click on the link https://www.optus.com.au/about/network/service-status and put in your location. Melbourne comes up as Postcode 3004 for some reason. You can expand or zoom in on the map. If the tower icon is Green - no problems. Orange - work currently being done or to be done. Red - there is a problem.


Stallfar wrote 44 weeks ago

Thank you ozzcaddy,

Does it mean that what I need to do is just wait then? Until they have fixed the towers?

Because literally the internet speed is insanely low to the point I can't use it.

Looking at the map, there are only 4 orange coloured tower, whereas there are more than 20 green coloured towers within Melbourne CBD. I am confused as to why it affected my internet?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 44 weeks ago

@Stalifar, "Looking at the map, there are only 4 orange coloured tower, whereas there are more than 20 green coloured towers within Melbourne CBD".

That is why I mention the cascade effect, where once a tower becomes congested, customers are then transferred to the next best tower and so on, whilst those towers are having work done.

You can contact Tech Support on the number below, and they can look at your connection. There maybe something more that is not showing on the map. They will ask you to move the modem around to different locations to see if you pick up a better connection.

If you do speak with them, post back and let us know what they told you.

1300 327 837

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 9am-10pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from 9am-9pm.


Stallfar wrote 44 weeks ago


I did call them just now. They said the SINR is too low, and requires me to repositioning my modem, which I did. But the value of SINR is still the same.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 44 weeks ago

Thanks for the update on what Tech Support have advised.

Did you try other positions for the modem?

When you try different positions, check the modems CELL_ID and see if the that changes. You have posted this in your original post: CELL_ID: 37853210.
If that number changes it means yo have connected to either another tower or another antenna. That way you could eliminate CELL_ID's that are no better than the original CELL_ID posted.

If trying other positions doesn't help, waiting until the tower work is completed might be the only solution.

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