Internet VERY slow in DEE WHY, NSW

Hi, I always had great reception on my modem, 3 bars lit at all times. Last night the bars went off, and internet is incredibly slow to the point of useless. This morning it’s alternating between no bars and 1 bar (mostly no bars). The spot I have the modem has always been the strongest in the house, but I tried moving it anyway, just in case. Same result. Is there something going on affecting coverage in Dee Why, Sydney. Thanks.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 36 weeks ago

There is a tower with a problem on Civic Pde between Pittwater Rd and Fisher Rd. There is also a couple of other towers that are currently having work done on them. All this will cause congestion and slow speeds, as users are transferred from the affected towers onto the other towers.

Optus maintains the towers whether it be for Optus or Vividwireless. There is no ETA on when the problem will be resolved.

You can check the progress of the tower status by clicking on the following link:

Click on the Outage Tab and type in Suburb/Postcode. You can zoom in and out of the map to see other affected towers. If you click on the tower icon, it will display further information.


sweetondean wrote 36 weeks ago

Hi there
The tower closest to me is green and functional but another tower is out, so I guess, for whatever reason that is why my coverage is down. Annoying. I’d like to have an ETA, I have zero internet, which is unacceptable. Last time this happened with Optus it was 3 weeks with no communication about what was happening. Will there be any notification? Or do I just sit here with no internet.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 36 weeks ago

Although the tower nearest to you is green, it would be effected by users that have most likely been transferred to that tower and other towers that are green in the immediate area. The modem decides what tower by finding the next best signal.

The ETA is unknown as there is no indication if the problem is with Optus that is affecting Vividwireless or it is Vividwireless. As you pointed out, there has been no outage notification. Once Frosty and myself receive a notification, we post it on the forum asap.

You can contact VividWireless Tech Support, they may have further information on the outage:

1300 327 837

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