IP Address Range - Can you Change it?


This should be my last question; I was wondering if the B315s-607 4g modem supported the change of IP address range from the standard

I cannot see anywhere to make the change, so I am assuming this is fixed? Is this correct?





Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 34 weeks ago

If you login to with user ID "admin" and password "admin", then I believe you can change the IP under the Settings, WiFi, DHCP area.

It needs to be in 192.168.something space … i.e. between and

So much broader than the usual /24 or Class-C sized space, but still must start with 192.168

Other people have commented in the past that it would be useful to permit 10.something or 172.16-31.something range addresses, but the modem manufacturer hasn't provided this option as yet.

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