Just Signed Up - Service VERY SLOW

I have just signed up to vividwireless on the unlimited option with the lte modem. With our previous service I could upload a 5 min video to Vimeo within a few minutes. Yet with the new service with vividwireless it's taken well over an hour and I'm still only at 19%.

I this the kind of service I should be expecting????

I am near Boundary Street/Botany Road Redfern/Alexandria NSW



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 40 weeks ago

I am local to Alexandria. Knowing exactly where you are via the location information you have provided.

Down in Australian Technology Park they are building the new Commonwealth Bank office along with 2 other buildings that surround the antennas. There are 4 working cranes that are most likely causing some type of interference, which I also experience poor speeds and disconnections off and on.

This is the Optus Network Map link which you can see the location of surrounding towers. https://www.optus.com.au/about/network/service-status

Click on the Outage Tab and insert Suburb/Postcode. If the tower icon is not Green, you can click on the icon for more information.

There is a 14 day Money Back Guarantee - click on link

I would suggest talking with Tech Support about your current speeds and see what they advise. They will probably ask you to try the modem in different locations.

1300 327 837

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 9am-10pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from 9am-9pm.


info@redboatkun... wrote 40 weeks ago

The signal is fine. The transfer of data is very poor.

In addition, the excuse of works being done at the ATP is flawed as there is a working tower well before the APT so no interference would be a result of that.

I have used other wireless broadband suppliers in this very location - all have been effective.

Unlimited wireless broadband for $90 a month seemed like a fantastic deal. But not with this kind of service!!


info@redboatkun... wrote 40 weeks ago

I'm pretty sure that this review I found explains more accurately the problem I am having with vividwireless:

Have been with vivid for nearly 7 years. 5yrs with wi max, 18 months with 4G lte. Customer service is so far from what it used to be one might think they are encouraging you to join the NBN (who wants to go backwards to Telstra). I have been getting reasonable service 1-4mbs at sinr -7 to +9 uptill December. Every time you ring they say to relocate the modem. I have done this fifty plus times. The only changes where connection to cell id tower 44070931 and 44070939 with variable sinr ratings as before. I even plugged the thing in outside on my balcony via an extension lead! Even with a sinr of+9 was lucky to get 120 - 800 kbs. Yes they do throttle speeds!!!! They used to do this to me when I was on a 10 gig plan. I have since read their "acceptable use policy" which they have now changed the name to "the fair go policy" and paragraph 7 states they are allowed to "de-prioritise" your connection if they feel your use is excessive. ASK them to explain their interpretation of the word UNLIMITED. If there are no limits on the service they sell you, why do they need an "acceptable use policy"
My kids use this service for gaming and watching utube. Once they use a certain amount of data the speed is slowed dramatically. Constantly re booting the modem and changing location is becoming a boring part of our lives. Tired of ring customer service only to be treated like a moron. Reading these comments has reassured me that I am not alone. THEY used to be great. Not anymore.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 40 weeks ago

Have you done a speed test? e.g. www.speedtest.net

Ozcaddy's advice in post #1 above is good. I would encourage you to talk first to tech support and follow their troubleshooting process. If they are able to help you, well and good, but if not you might find that vividwireless won't work in your particular location. Best to find that out for sure sooner rather than later, so that the 14-day money back guarantee can be used if needed.

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