no 2300mhz

I live pretty much here:,+Eight+Mile+Plains+QLD+4113/@-27.5730406,153.0897186,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x6b9144bbfac7bec3:0x502a35af3de87e0!2sEight+Mile+Plains+QLD+4113!3b1!8m2!3d-27.582!4d153.096!3m4!1s0x6b9144b73b767533:0x9440315232bceafa!8m2!3d-27.5730406!4d153.0902658

there is a optus 2300mhz tower very close by:

2300mhz tower is active as per:

so why can't i connect?

my modem doesn't allow me to select 2300mhz only. its fixed as auto.
its the latest firmware.
Hardware version: WL1B310FM04
Software version: 21.327.01.00.1385

can you unlock the selection option for me to try 2300mhz?




Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 49 weeks ago

The AUTO selection will connect you to 2300MHz automatically, as that is the main frequency that vividwireless utilise. If you run a speed test and you are getting more than 5Mbps (up to 12Mbps) then you are using 2300MHz.

In fairly rare cases, if you are in an area without 2300MHz AND if you are also NOT on the Unlimited plan, then it is now possible for the modem to connect to another frequency and get up to 5Mbps.


stalker878 wrote 49 weeks ago

i am in a 2300mhz zone and on the 200gb plan.
max speed should be 12mbps.
i am only getting 5mbps.

somehow it doesn't lock onto 2300mhz?
and there is no way to test signal strength given that I can switch exclusively onto 2300mhz given the modem settings.

can you unlock the "network selection" settings?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 49 weeks ago

There's no way that I know of to do that. It is all set up automatically via firmware and network settings (i.e. vividwireless network) which instructs the modem what it is and is not allowed to do.

Just had a look at my test modem. Under Dial-Up, Network Settings, mine shows "B40 only" and there are no other options. (B40 = 2300MHz).

Perhaps there is something going on with the 2300MHz equipment in that area/tower that is stopping your modem from using that frequency. Or possibly there is a fault with the modem (seems unlikely though).

I would recommend that you firstly speak with Tech Support. You will have to go through the "move the modem around" process.

Phone number = 1300 327 837. Monday to Friday 9am-12am (Eastern). Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from 9am-11pm (Eastern).

Whilst that process is under way, can you possibly conduct a test by using the modem in a different location? e.g. at work, at a friend's house, something like that. Verify that it can definitely connect and get more than 5Mbps (anywhere from 5-12Mbps on would be sufficient), just to demonstrate that the modem itself is not faulty and is capable of using 2300MHz and higher speeds.

Then post back here with the results. If it still needs further investigation, post your IMEI from the modem and I will ask my contacts at vividwireless if they can shed any more light on this.


stalker878 wrote 49 weeks ago

is it the same firmware version?

mine automatically updated about 5 weeks ago.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 49 weeks ago

Hardware version: WL1B310FM04
Software version: 21.327.01.00.1385

I just double-checked and "B40 only" is definitely my only option. This reflects that my modem would be on an Unlimited plan, so the modem will only connect to 2300MHz.


stalker878 wrote 49 weeks ago

I am on the 200gb plan. but it means i should be able to get 2300mhz if i need to.

do you have a better database of optus towers?
i am suppose to have a 2300mhz tower close by.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 49 weeks ago


Like Frosty, my Test modem also showed "B40 only" and there are no other frequency options to change to or unlock. The Test modem as well as my own Vividwireless LTE modem both show "B40 only".

When we were testing the software update before it was rolled out, I came across the "B40 only" value, and raised the question. It was another value that was now used, but it relates to 2300MHz.

Can you do a factory reset of your modem, you will not lose the new software version, but would be interested to see if the frequency value following the factory reset will show "B40 only" or "2300MHz".

Possibly the software update did not take full effect, but will do so after the factory reset, and this may resolve your current problem.

Its just an option to try.


11/2/18 - NOTE:

Whatever setting changes you may have made inside the modem will be lost. After the Factory Reset, the modem will just be like you took it out of the box for the first time.


stalker878 wrote 48 weeks ago

does this apply to non-unlimited plan as well?
i am on 200gb.

if this reset makes it only 2300mhz, then if i can't get the signal at all, won't there be no Internet given that I am most likely on the other bands (I am running ~ 5mpbs)

do note this is my firmware versions:
Hardware version: WL1B310FM04
Software version: 21.327.01.00.1385


stalker878 wrote 48 weeks ago



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 48 weeks ago

You have the latest Hardware & Software Versions.

Have you spoken with Tech Support as Frosty suggested in Post #3?

If so, what did they say?

If you haven't, speak with them and ask them what would happen if you did a Factory Reset.


stalker878 wrote 48 weeks ago

are you also able to access optus (accurate and updated) tower data?

is there a 2300mhz near me at all?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 48 weeks ago

No. I only access the Optus Network Status map, that is open to anyone.

I'm just a Vividwireless customer like yourself who assist Frosty with the Forum.

Tech Support would have that information, if you contact them.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 48 weeks ago

As mentioned previously, the "AUTO" setting reflects the fact that you are not on an Unlimited plan, meaning that the modem can handle multiple frequencies (not just 2300MHz), however it will preference 2300MHz when it can, and switch to a different frequency when it can't.

On my modem and Ozcaddy's, the "B40 only" setting reflects that it can ONLY connect to 2300MHz, so in an environment when 2300 isn't available, it cannot connect at all.

I just had a look at the link you posted above from OzTowers:

If that is accurate, and if that really is the tower you are connecting to, then it shows that Band 40 (2300MHz) was proposed but has not been implemented at that site. There may be other sites nearby that offer 2300MHz, but your modem will pick the best signal/throughput option and maybe that is 5Mbps on a different frequency?

The nearest site to that tower which DOES have 2300MHz is 1.4kms away here:

But whether that is nearer for farther from your residence is only something you can work out, plus there is terrain to consider.

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