Outage of Service at Karana Downs Commencing 28/02/19

No internet service since approximately 23:00 AEST 28/02/19.

Multiple hard and soft resets, re-installing SIM and restarting performed before and since calling Support (who's only recommendation was to try moving it due to possible interference which was done to no avail before escalating the call but no response yet).

Was able to once get a green light for around 30-45 seconds this morning after another hard reset however, since late last night, generally only upto 10-15 seconds when a hard reset is performed (which is better than yesterday's no green light).

I would hope it is only a coincidence that it is the Vividwireless service given we have no issues with multiple (direct to) Optus connected mobile devices.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 12 weeks ago

Looking on the Optus Network Status map, it shows no problems with towers in your immediate area , but there is one tower south at Dinmore that has Planned Work that began 26-2-19 to 29-3-19. This seems to coincide when you began having problems.

When towers are having work done on them, customers who normally connect to that tower are redirected (by the modem) to the next best tower. When then happens you start having congestion and it begins a flow on effect to other towers. This is what I believe is happening in your situation.

What Vividwireless Support has suggested to move the modem is basically the only solution at this stage. As the problem is from the South of you, I would suggest if you can relocating the modem to the northern part of your house pointing towards Mount Crosby.

The following tower at Tivoli has planned work scheduled to begin 4-3-19 to 10-3-19. This may increase the existing problem. All work is done by Optus staff.

You can monitor the progress of the planned work by going to the Optus Network Status map. Click on Outage Tab and type you Suburb/Postcode.


If a tower is not Green, click on that tower for more information. The map will also show where other towers are located to you by expanding the coverage area, that's how I found Mount Crosby from where I am in Sydney.

If the problem becomes worse, I suggest speaking with Vividwireless Support again and raising a ticket, you may want to ask for a credit on the period you were experiencing the problem.


T and K wrote 12 weeks ago

Thanks ozzcaddy.

The service has recommenced in the last 15-20 minutes and currently has no issues.

Thank you again.




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 12 weeks ago


thanks for the update.

If the issue happens again, check the Optus map and look for towers that are not Green, and maybe relocate the modem towards towers in the opposite direction to where the problem tower is.

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