Outgoing server

Hi I have vivid wireless broadband
Running Windows 7
Using Outlook
But I can’t get my emails to send from my computer
I have put the Optus outgoing server details in and it doesn’t work.

But when I hotspot off my mobile phone (voda phone) and put there outgoing server details in it works

I’ve called everyone and they just keep passing the buck, Surely it can’t be this hard.

Anybody help please



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 43 weeks ago

Who is your email account with?

I always found that most of the time, the problem is either with the POP/STMP or IMAP/STMP with an incorrect setting within those areas.

Have you tried the Repair option in Account Settings?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 43 weeks ago

If you can post details of the server name that you're using, Ozzcaddy could give it a test with: telnet ServerNameOrIP 25 (from the command line)

(n.b. telnet is not installed by default in Windows these days; you can usually install it as an option via Control Panel, Programs and Features … or alternatively download a copy of PuTTY and use that instead, as it supports SSH and TELNET and more).


Duncan Maclean wrote 24 weeks ago

Recently moved house no NBN so using Vividwireless. Problem my previous email address is an" optusnet.com.au" and there is no way I can keep via vivid wirelss … so I have to change .. Any body with similar problem ????


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 24 weeks ago

Did Optus tell you, you cannot keep your email "optus" email address as you are no longer an Optus customer?

If that is the case, it was similar when Vividwireless was originally 'Unwired' and you could have an Unwired email address. However, when it became Vividwireless, Vividwireless made the decision not to provide a Vividwireless email address. So anyone, including myself then needed to find a new email client and create a new email address. In my case, I went with Gmail which is owned by Google. I can access my Gmail via Outlook, Online or even on my smartphone via Gmail app.

Once the account was created with Gmail, I then transferred my previous contacts and ALL emails from Unwired to Gmail.

So your decision is to which email client will you go with, and there are many to choose from.

Hope this helps.


Duncan Maclean wrote 23 weeks ago

Thankyou most helpfull

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