Poor connection speed!

Okay so the last week I’d say once again, the connection I’m getting is becoming a joke!? I don’t understand when I check the speed test on that one site use obviously give everyone “ www.speedtest.com or something but it’s the one that says “ Ookla “ well I downloaded that app to my phone a couple days ago and done a few test.. with me living in nsw central coast, can someone explain why in the history shows sometimes it goes from Newcastle then other times Sydney? Also checked another site seeing some of Sydney had outages? Well then why can’t mine just re direct to newcastle and today with having only my PlayStation connected to the net with the cable from modem to the back of my console, I had no phones or anything else just PS4. When I done a connection test on that I had a download speed of 155.5kbps!! Followed by an upload speed of 141.1kbps! Now I have been with you guys for quiet some years now, if I don’t find a change soon, I’ll be more then happy to leave!
Really not happy with this at the moment and every time I ring, it’s always around an hour on the phone for it too sometimes change for a day or so then back to this crap! Please fix it



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 22 weeks ago

Hi Craig,

Can't tell you much about how the speedtest sites work, however I believe most of them just auto-select a server to test against based on ping times (i.e. it pings several likely servers, then chooses the one with the lowest latency).

What is your postcode? Have you checked whether there are any outages on the Optus towers in your area? Here's the link:


Click on the Outages tab, then type your postcode into the search box and select your suburb.

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