Slow internet every night

In the day I get about 11 MBps, but at night my internet is so slow that I cannot even manage to pull of a speed test.
I try to play an online game in the day, and the latency is around 200ms, I try that same game at night on the same server, and the latency shoots to well over 4000ms.
This has been happening every single night since I signed up with vivid wireless, which is about 2-3 months ago.
I live in Punchbowl, post code 2196.
I called vivid once, and they told me to change my wifi channel to something other than 1, tried that with different channels and nothing works, tried disabling wifi, same problem.

This isn't only with the game, but everything, including youtube, where videos even buffer when played in 360p.

I understand that mobile internet can be slow and choppy, but this is making the internet unusable when I want to use it the most.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 21 weeks ago

If you have a look here:

and search on the Outages tab for your location "2196" you will see that there are a number of outages in your area. The tower up at Punchbowl station has a fault, plus a number of other towers in the area are having maintenance done by Optus.

Having said that, if this problem has been ongoing for several months (and based on your description), it very much sounds like congestion at peak times.

Likely then that the only thing which will fix that is the arrival of NBN to take the load off the wireless networks in the area. Probably not what you want to hear.

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