Slow internet issues

I have had vivid wireless internet for a year and a half now and previously I had no problems at all. But for the past six months my internet has become extremely slow. It never shows three bars anymore and rarely gets to two bars. On a good day my internet speeds test are 1.18 Mbps download and 0.65 Mbps upload but my average day speeds test below. I can't ever use two devices at the same time like I used to. And when I watch a Netflix movie that goes for an hour and a half, it will take just over two hours to watch because it says sorry your internet has dropped, check your connectivity and try again later. And I then have to constantly reload.
When I checked your website availability search it now says that vivid wireless is unavailable at my address, unavailable at either next door neighbours address to me and unavailable up or down the road from me.
I further discussed this with a team member from your sales whom has said that I can cancel my internet contract but I will receive cancellation fees despite your own website stating that you are unable to provide me with a service at my address now.
So is there any way that I can get my internet to not lag and drop out. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

If you can provide the following information to the questions below, as it will assist if we need to speak with contacts at Vividwireless.

How long ago did you speak with the Sales Team Member?

What contract are you on?

What is your Suburb/Postcode?

Also, can you provide the modems IMEI:. This can be found by logging into the modems interface.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

I would be happy to investigate the reason for the non-availability at your address. Don't post your address here in the forums however. As long as your account details are up-to-date, the address will be linked to your modem's IMEI in the vividwireless database.

Can you advise when the contract is due to expire?

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