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I live in Parramatta NSW 2150. Been noticing slow speed lately between 1-3 mbps max DL. Just wondering as I used to get 7-9 mbps but do not see any outrage/service notification for my area.

my signal is strong and the stats are below:

Device status
IMSI : 505024600612253
ICCID: 8961024616433022415F
IMEI: 866854023169207
WAN IP Address:
CELL_ID: 35848209
RSRP: -98dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -8dB (Excellent)
RSSI: -67dBm
SINR: 6dB (Moderate)

At 9:49 AM today I was getting 0.91 mbps DL and 0.24 mbps UL.




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 49 weeks ago

Hi Imti,

Looking at the Optus Network Status map, there are 2 towers that are Red that indicate a problem. These towers is North of Parramatta (Pennant Hills Rd & James Ruse Drive) and the other tower is on the eastern side of James Ruse Drive, just South of Victoria Rd.

What can happen when towers outside your area have a problem, the users connecting to those faulty towers are transferred to the nearest best tower by the modem itself. This can cause congestion and reduction in speed with these extra users.

To ensure, I suggest contacting Tech Support in case there is a problem with the tower that you are connecting to, that they are not aware of.

1300 327 837

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 9am-10pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from 9am-9pm.

Also, I have added the link below to the Optus Network Status map, so you can see for yourself. Just a matter of clicking on the Outage Tab and inserting your Address/Postcode. If the tower is not green, click on the tower icon for more information.

Post back and let us know what Tech Support advise or if your still having a problem with your speed.


#2 wrote 47 weeks ago

I have the same experience. Worked like a charm getting 7-9mbps, now regularly getting between 1-3mbps. Haven't moved the modem, haven't added any new devices. Tech support was not very helpful, basically told me i had to many devices attached....yet how come same number of devices and same placement of modem produced acceptable results just a few days ago? Is there any way to check outages or tower issues?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 47 weeks ago

There are two methods to check:

(1) via the link Ozzcaddy posted above:
which shows you Optus mobile network known outages

(2) via the vividwireless website, which may publish outages which are purely vividwireless related and nothing to do with Optus. There used to be a page there which listed any known outages, but looked just now and couldn't find it.

It is also possible that towers have been reconfigured in your area. So the change might be permanent, not temporary. In that case, you'd need to "move the modem around" by trying it in different rooms, N S E or W sides of your home, to see whether a better signal or performance can be obtained in a different physical location.

#4 wrote 47 weeks ago

So in post code 2015, is the erskinville tower outage causing a problem? Call center and customer service email do not respond to the same question.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 47 weeks ago

The Erskineville Tower could be causing the problem due to those customers whom would normally connect to the Erskineville tower, have been offloaded to other surrounding nearby towers whilst the problem exist. The modem itself searches for best signal to find the next best tower. So what happens is with those extra customers offloaded to other towers, can cause congestion at these other towers which will reduce your normal speed.

There has been no report of the Erskineville Tower having a problem, and that Vividwireless is not yet aware of.

You said "Call Centre and customer service email do not respond to the same question.", does that mean you spoke to them at the Call Centre and they didn't answer your question(s) OR did you just email the Call Centre and have not had a reply?

I'm also in postcode 2015, closer to Technology Park, which is where the tower I connect to. What Street are you in?

If you are more towards Erskineville Oval, even on the Eastern side of Mitchell Rd, towards Euston Rd, you probably would connect to the Erskineville tower that has the problem, and your modem has found the next best tower which could be further away and that also can cause a reduction in your signal quality and strength.

#6 wrote 46 weeks ago


Yes I am on the Oval side. We have had horrible speeds since mid last week. After enough, I finally called Customer Service who of course runs through tests most do anyway (move the modem, restart, isolate, etc.). Then had to run many tests and send in -- that was Sunday. I have not heard back from them after many attempts via email just to see if there is a sign of life or a pulse. Finally called last night and basically told tech is looking at "it". Whatever "it" means. I asked if any towers are down, they don't know and will not answer. Now thankfully your link above arrived. If you check your link, it shows the Erskinville tower is out.

Question now is, how long will this take to be back up IF it may be the problem? Seriously, Customer Service told me most cases take 2-3 days to answer. I am now ending day 5 and having to do all the homework myself. Can't expect people to just wait around with no answers.

Such a shame, this worked beautifully for a few months...but i was warned about this. It's great until it doesn't work--then there is no customer service...other than you, so I do say thanks to that.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 46 weeks ago

@ckschad, can you post the following modems information and stats please,







#8 wrote 46 weeks ago


IMEI: 866854020623719
CELL_ID: 35968794
RSRP: -108dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -12dB (Good)
RSSI: -79dBm
SINR: -3dB (Poor)

SINR fluctuates from 2 (Moderate) to -3 (Poor) at fairly consistent intervals (ie changes about every 5 seconds). See below, just a few seconds later switches to tower xxx795.

IMSI : 505024600948080
ICCID: 8961024617408180287F
IMEI: 866854020623719
CELL_ID: 35968795
RSRP: -111dBm (Poor)
RSRQ: -10dB (Excellent)
RSSI: -81dBm
SINR: 2dB (Moderate)

Interestingly enough though...speeds are better when connected to tower xxx794. speedtest on xxx794 is 8-10mbps. Speed when connected to xxx795 more like 1-2 mpbs (or less) even though the stats may look better.

Yep monitoring...when connected to tower xxx795 speeds are very slow. When connected to 794, pretty good.

Tested this 17:14 Friday Oct 27. Can confirm speeds 1-2mpbs on tower xxx795 vs. 8-10mbps on tower xxx794. Cycled 2-3 different times just in the time to type this message.

Where do I send my tax invoice for testing fees? Ha



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 46 weeks ago

As you have identified a tower that is providing good speed, can you try the following to see if the modem will stay connected to the that tower and improve the signal stats.

With the modem in its current position, do micro-rotations of the modem (just millimetres at a time) and see if the modem finds and holds the good tower.

With the previous 4G modems, there was a way of locking the modem to a tower, but unfortunately with these LTE modems, you cannot do that.

The SINR needs to be around 10 to have a reasonable to good stable connection. The micro-rotation may assist with that. I need to do that every few weeks as new buildings are going up at Technology Park, that are causing interference to the signal.

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