Slow Speeds?

Why am I sitting on 2 Mbps and going up to 300 ping every couple of seconds when gaming? Didn't you guys promise 15 Mbps?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 weeks ago

The vividwireless service is speed limited and, as far as I know, have never been 15Mbps. Originally it was 10Mbps and then later increased to 12Mbps. That remains the same whether you are on the old vividwireless network, or whether you have subsequently been migrated to Optus over the last month.

If you're getting significantly less than that number, then post some details of your location, so we can check whether there is a fault in the area. e.g. what postcode are you in?


SBBRISBANE wrote 2 weeks ago

Ok this is what I just learned from Optus tech support. I am not confident of this tech's knowledge/veracity but this is what I was just told -

Vivid Wireless was on the 4G PLUS network. (LTE-Advanced - True 4G). But when they changed us all to Optus in the last few weeks, we are on their run of the mill 4G Mobile network which is a good as the congestion and tower signal allows in your area. The coverage is like the old Optus days, and some areas like mine in Hemmant, Brisbane are in what they call a NQR or 'not very good'.

Here's the strange part - if you're a new customer you get the 4G+ straight up, but according to this tech we have to wait.

On top of this my area has had outages all week, so it's hard to tell what problem is what and I have to call back next week.

I tried to post this in the Yes Crowd forums but the website won't let me log on/post. Hopefully they get their sh*t together soon or I'm out.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 weeks ago

@SBBrisbane, I have spoken with Vividwireless and they have provided the following:

There is only one Optus 4G network though there are different speed settings based on whether the customer accesses 2300MHz spectrum or non-2300MHz spectrum.

The settings for migrated Vividwireless are meant to be the same post migration. If there has been any change for any customer then this is due to a fault or outage and this should be raised with Optus tech support.

I have also checked the Optus Network Status map, that shows 5 towers to the south where maintenance on these towers began today and is to be completed on the 22nd May. With so many towers being worked on at the same time, will cause reduction in speeds and can cause disconnections at times. You can follow this by clicking on the following link below, click on the Outage Tab, put in your suburb/postcode. If the tower is not Green, click on the tower for more information.

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