Slow speeds in New Farm


I have been experiences very slow speeds for the last 24 hours. No greater than 3mbps. I have moved the modem to numerous locations and cannot improve speeds. I have reviewed the Optus Outages page and there are no known issues on the towers. One is 15m from my 6th floor apartment.

Details :

Device status
IMSI : 505024602274771
ICCID: 8961024617450046592
IMEI: 866854026654429
WAN IP Address:
CELL_ID: 39914266
RSRP: -86dBm (Good)
RSRQ: -17dB (Moderate)
RSSI: >=-51dBm
SINR: 3dB (Moderate)

Help please. This is unbearable.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

What Suburb/Postcode are you in?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

Possibly: New Farm QLD 4005 ?

If so, there are four towers relatively nearby which have work scheduled (according to the Optus outages map), so it is very likely that this is the cause.


pdonohue wrote 30 weeks ago

Hi Frosty, yes 4005. There are 4 directly around me with no issues or scheduled work. There is one 2 km away with some scheduled work commencing 18th (today) (Internet and Email). My issue has been ongoing for several days now so I don't believe this is the issue. Whats the next steps to rectify this?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

There's a tower at the corner of Heal and Brunswick with scheduled maintenance.

There's another tower across the river at Main and Rotheram getting upgraded.

Likely that this is the cause. People who normally connect to those towers may be force to connect to yours, or if the one you normally connect to is one of those, you'll connect to one further away. Either way, the remaining functioning towers end up with more load on them.

The best way to try to find out more information is to call vividwireless Support and see if they can tell you more. e.g. whether you are still connected to the tower you usually use, whether loads on that tower are higher than normal. I know the network engineering guys have access to that sort of info, but I am not sure whether Support do.

I had a similar issue with my tower in Lilydale (VIC) a few weeks back. Got very slow. Maintenance nearby. It took a few weeks, but all the work is now finished and everything is back to normal.

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