Unbelievably slow speeds

ive been experiencing extremely slow speeds on the WiFi for a couple of days now, it used to be relatively usable ~5mb down and ~1mb up from speedtest.net but recently its been so bad that i cant even load webpages such as google etc. Now i cant even perform speedtests due to latency errors, and can barely even load the home gateway page to get information from the router. router also reads 3 bars in signal.

speeds like this has happened before but never for this long a period of time (coming to 4 days now)

i dont think there has been any outages regarding towers so im completely lost as to what is going on with this.

Currently staying in melb postcode 3000



stavin wrote 26 weeks ago

RSRP: -107dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -13dB (Good)
RSSI: -75dBm
SINR: -3dB (Poor)

got this after waiting for 10 mins for this to load


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 25 weeks ago

Cases like this are usually due to maintenance on the Optus mobile network, but I checked the Optus network outages page and it is not working properly, so I can't search there for known faults.

Have you spoken with vividwireless support about it? Whilst there aren't any outages notices for Melbourne 3000 area that I know about, perhaps they have access to more information.

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