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I have poor reception, also confirmed by tech staff, so I have purchased a quality external antenna and cable but still have poor reception although the lights are all on indicating good reception, with laptop connected by Ethernet cable the speed is great but wirelessly the pc and mobile devices are slow or drop out even at close range, the only reception I get with internal antenna is to move the modem outside, the antenna is from onwireless, a omnidirectional suited to Huawei b315s-607, would it be because Vivid don't support external antenna? I bought the router/modem outright can I try another simcard to see if reception improves ?



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 21 weeks ago

What Postcode/Suburb are you in?

If you use an antenna with the modem, Vividwireless won't provide support. Saying that, Vividwireless would not interfere with your signal internal or external. If there were other issues with the modem, they would not provide support if an antenna is connected.

As the problem exist internally with the signal, how many devices are connected to the modem?

I would suggest downloading this Netspot app, which will show what other wifi signals are around you and what channel they are transmitting on.

If there are many signals using the same Channel Number, that can interfere with your signal.


marky wrote 21 weeks ago

Thanks, WA 6111 Camillo only one mobile connected and very poor speed , basically nothing out of the room , only good connection is outdoors, had antenna disconnected and factory reset when called tech support, we have very poor reception on mobiles here, thought with external antenna it would be ok, thinking the signal coming in is ok with antenna but the surrounding areas have to much interference? Thinking about mesh network? What I can't understand is the 4G lights go from none to three when antenna is fitted and turned on in settings , indicating a good Signal? But the figures in device performance don't hardly change, but I know nothing about all this , cheers


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 21 weeks ago

Checked the Optus Status map, and the surrounding towers are to have work done on them over the next 4 days. So there maybe something wrong with the towers, which might be the reason for your signal problems.

You can check the Status map, by clicking on the link below, Click on the Outage Tab. Insert your Postcode and select Camillo. You will see some towers that are Orange, which indicates work to be done or is being done. If you click on the tower icon, it will display more information of Start and End Date of work.
Once the tower icon is Green, there is no problem. The tower icon can also be Red, which indicates a problem.


Optus maintains the towers, even for Vividwireless.

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